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Intro to Kamile Riza

With more than a decade immersed in the corporate realm, Kamile emerges as a seasoned Sales Leader. Her latest triumph involves spearheading the establishment of a Global SaaS Business, achieving an impressive £10m ARR within a mere six months. Kamile's expertise extends to the strategic recruitment, training, and mentoring of sales professionals, steering them toward both financial prosperity and personal growth. Under her guidance, all her teams consistently outperform expectations, shattering sales records.

At the core of Kamile's achievements is an unwavering dedication to her craft, positioning her as a prominent ambassador to the sales industry. She remains at the forefront of this ever-evolving landscape, a testament to her commitment to staying ahead of industry changes. Rooted in her academic foundation in business and law, Kamile possesses an innate entrepreneurial mindset, a driving force behind her sustained success.

In business, to grow your business.

Kamile Riza Consulting: Driven by Innovation and Growth

KR Consulting was established out of a passion for innovation and progress, spurred by the current climate of widespread layoffs and failed tech ventures.

At KR Consulting, we focus on the core pillars that enable a success in busines; the right plan, the right people and the rapid growth;

  1. Go-To- Market Strategy: We excel in sourcing top-tier talent for your business, ensuring the right individuals are brought on board to drive success.
  2. Project Hiring/Headhunting: We excel in sourcing top-tier talent for your business, ensuring the right individuals are brought on board to drive success.
  3. Sales as a Service: KR Consulting provides a unique offering - early access to the market. Our Sales as a Service model is designed to give your business a competitive edge and foster rapid growth.


Sales as a Service

What is Sales as a Service?

It’s as simple as, yourgive us a list of your targt clients, we go to market with your offering,

get the deals in and you pay us, when the client pays you*

Why Sales as a Service

  • Lower cost then hiring & training a sales team (we can also do this for you)
  • Speed to market
  • Enable early sales to look better to your investors
  • Access to Experienced and Professional Sales Experts without paying a salary
  • Once your first round of sales are in, we will understand your hiring requirements and source & train the best talent for your growing business.


Go-To-Market Strategy

Why do I need a GTM Strategy?

A well-crafted GTM strategy is essential for the successful launch and growth of any product or service. By thoroughly understanding the market, identifying the target audience, and strategically planning marketing, sales, and distribution efforts, companies can effectively reach and engage potential customers, ensuring long-term success in the marketplace.

Importance of a GTM Strategy

  • Aligns Teams: Ensures that marketing, sales, and product teams are aligned and working towards common goals.
  • Maximizes ROI: Helps in allocating resources efficiently to maximize return on investment.
  • Reduces Time to Market: Streamlines the process of bringing a product to market, reducing delays and inefficiencies.
  • Increases Success Rate: Enhances the likelihood of a successful product launch by systematically addressing all critical aspects of market entry.
  • Improves Customer Experience: Ensures a seamless and positive experience for customers, leading to higher satisfaction and retention.

At KR Consulting, we not only provide early access to market for growing businesses but also deliver impactful headhunting services that contribute meaningfully to your organisational success.


Project Hiring

Delegate a percentage or all of your

job roles to us.

A collaborative approach that allows

for a more cost-effective arrangement and ensures comprehensive support across your hiring needs.

Aimed at Start / Scale Ups and Companies in Growth.


An ideal service for clients that have

1-5 business critical roles that need filling asap.

With an extensive network we can

help you hire across various roles including:

SDRS/ AE’s/ AD’s/ SD’s / Heads of / CRO/ CEO / CFO & CS.


Endorsements from industry leaders regarding Kamile Riza an understanding of why selecting her, to support growth in your business is the right decision.

“Kam has been a successful sales leader for many years. In the last 2 years she has added to her track record with something quite notable. Kam was selected to lead sales for a brand-new product line that was created to intentionally disrupt her employers long standing business model. She built, trained and lead a sales team to commercial success and then worked with a multi country, multi discipline team to significantly iterate that product for stronger commercial growth. During this business change, Kam has consistently demonstrated commercial focus and leadership”

Written Aug 2022.

Roy Jacques, MD Appcast

“From the first moment speaking to Kam it was clear that she has strong industry knowledge and has a large well of hands on experience to draw from.

We were looking to fill a Sales leadership position. Kam took the time to understand our business and the type and style of leader that would fit our requirements both now and in the future. The process of interviewing us was incredibly valuable and helped quickly generate a short list of highly relevant candidates.

Kam's gentle but insistent approach to interview scheduling, candidate feedback and follow up was both professionally delivered and very useful, as like many growing businesses we are busy and timelines can easily slip.

She was beside us through the review and selection process providing insight and sound feedback.

We made this key hire, the person has started and is making an immediate impact on our business. Kam delivered for us and I would highly recommend her if you are looking to hire within the sales or recruitment sphere.

She knows her stuff and gets things done!

Ewan Stark, CEO JobSwipe

“Kamile led our Commercial Team through an immersive two-day training programme aimed at energising and advancing our programmatic GTM strategy. Her dedication to understanding our business objectives, challenges and target audience beforehand, combined with the interactive and practical nature of her sessions enhanced the team's learning experience and made it truly memorable. The impact she has had on the team's critical thinking and strategic sales mindset has been overwhelmingly positive. It goes without saying that Kamile's focused and engaging coaching would be an invaluable asset to anyone in the recruitment technology industry”

Jennifer Johansson, CEO PlacedApp

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